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RAW: Race & Disability Anthology

Passion Project, 2021-March 2023

The project's goal is to create an anthology site and printed anthology that showcases the work of 12 disabled BIPOC exploring the topic of race and disability. Through music, visual arts and written art, we want to create a storytelling medium through a website that is both accessible and immersive. The official publication of the site will occur around the end of 2022.

The first phase of the project was to collect submissions from disabled BIPOC artists. We did a callout in July 2021 and received submissions from all over the world. The 12 artists were selected based on three themes: Vulnerability/honesty, diversity of perspectives and creativity. With the help of the Suffering the Silence, we made the official selection by September 2021.


Visit the website to explore:

For more information about the behind-the-scenes process, click here.

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